Frequently Asked Questions

Do I Need to Purchase an Urn?

We do not require you to purchase a decorative urn, you may simply use the container in which the ashes are returned. These containers are suitable for shipping, storing, or burial. Luddy Cremation Care does offer many options for decorative urns, which can be found here.

Is a Casket Required?

No, a casket is not required for cremation. However, the body must be enclosed in a rigid, combustible container. Luddy Cremation Care provides this alternative container as part of our package, or as a specific fee for other arrangements.

Do I need to Hire a Funeral Director or a Funeral Home?

By law, a licensed funeral director must oversee the final disposition of a body in Connecticut. A licensed funeral director or embalmer “in charge of the burial” must complete the death certificate, and only a licensed embalmer or funeral director may transport the body. Luddy Cremation Care are licensed funeral directors, so when you use our service you do not need to also call a funeral home. We can take care of everything for you.