Title 19 / Medicaid Benefits

Specializing in Title 19 Death Benefits

The Title 19 / Medicaid State of Connecticut Funeral Service Death Benefit is $1350.00. These funds will cover the total cost of our Direct Cremation Service Package,  which includes a minimal cardboard cremation container.

Please note: The Promotional Price does not apply to T19. It is a discount for families who pay in full at first initial arrangements.

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Lending a supportive hand during this trying time

We work closely with the Department of Social Services to compile and submit all necessary documents to help you secure approval for the death benefit.

* Urn selection availability may vary. Additional Urn selections, Jewelry, and all special order merchandise available for purchase are not included in this special benefits package. ** This Direct Cremation Title 19 / Medicaid Death Benefit is available subject to eligibility.

Low-Cost Solutions for a Difficult Time

Recently needed help with a cremation. 2nd time during my lifetime I had to deal with a death. First time took years to pay off (not Luddy). I highly recommend Luddy. I talked with Eric and he was easy to work with. The forms on their website were very helpful. As far as I’m concerned, pleasant, honest people NOT trying to rip you off during sorrow. Thank you, Eric.

- Fred F.

We used Luddy Cremation Care when my father passed away recently and they made the whole experience as painless as it could be… Definitely a great, and more affordable, option if you don’t need the full services of a funeral home.

- David S.

Working with this funeral home was a breeze! The staff was very professional and compassionate. From our first meeting to last, Queen was very helpful and kind as she helped us with our decision for a urn that we will bury when possible. With all the covid restrictions now everything is more difficult and we still were able to fulfill our mom’s wishes …thank you from the Arena and Miceli Familia.

- Vinny M.

Using Luddy’s cremation care was an absolutely fantastic experience they were so helpful and so kind especially at a time that is so difficult to go through. And I’d like to give a special thanks to Ben and Laura for making my experience so fantastic thank you.

- Jason L.

Met with Ben yesterday. He was very helpful and professional. I lost my Aunt and I felt at peace knowing he was handling her cremation and all the little details. The price was exactly as we agreed. I highly recommend Luddy Cremation Care.

- Greta Y.

I was lost when my husband passed away suddenly. He did not have insurance. Luddy couldn’t have been kinder & easy to deal with. I had no clue what to do! They are angels to me!

- Tish D.

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